Jio Glass | Reliance Jio launches Jio Glass | Everything to know about Jio's mixed reality glasses

Jio has launched its own jio smart glasses for Indians consumers to upgrade the people video-call in the post times. Jio Glass has been launched as one of the Reliance Jio's next-generation products that will work with the upcoming IoT technology.

Features of jio Glass

Expected price of Jio Glass

While the company did not reveal the pricing and the availability details at the event, Jio Glass is expected to cost around $200 (INR 14000).

Mukesh Ambani on Wednesday launched his first smart glasses Known as Jio Glass. Jio smart Glass is based on AR,VR, mixed reality and has both cellular and wireless networks using the paired phone, much like how JIO glass Snap Spectacles 3 work. Jio Glass is the product Which will start the new revolution in Technology.It developed by the team of Jio , which have freshly raised over Rs 33 crore from Google and after huge investments from over 13 other firms.

The market for smart devices is at the next level in India, which is why there is a huge scope for companies to launch products that will not only woo customers but also have pave the way for next-generation technologies. Jio rose  the occasion and launched its own smart glasses in India. The Jio company is calling them Jio Glass and pitching them as an advanced solution for video conferencing, among other uses. Since Jio Glass will reshape the way people conduct video calls in 2D as well as 3D

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