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when we listen to this word 5g the First question R -What is 5g? lets answer this question first after that we will see | How 5G technology work?|What are the advantages and HOW 5G will play an important role in changing future|How will 5G affect the global economy? |Who created 5G|How fast is 5G?|How is 5g different from previous generation?|Where is 5G being used?|Is 5G available now?|5g network countries|5g frequency|Do I need a new phone if I want to use 5G?

5th Generation Technology

What is 5g?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. which is great investment for next is the fastest network after 1g,2g,3g and 4g. Now 5G will replace 4g,with 5G you will experience fast downloading and uploading speed and the time it takes a device to communicate with wireless network will drastically decrease.

How 5G work?

It use the system cell sites and send the data through radio wave use the encoding type called OFDM. 4G channels use 20 MHz, while 5G channel can use up to 100 future 5G will be able to boost capacity by 4 times over current systems by leveraging the bandwidth and advanced antenna Technology.

How fast is 5g?

5G is designed to give fastest peak data rates upto 20Gbps.

what are the difference between previous Generation and 5G?

First generation – 1G
1980s: it delivered analog voice.

Second generation – 2G
Early 1990s: 2G introduced digital voice 2G allowed for call and text encryption as well as SMS, picture messaging(e.g. CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access) .

Third generation – 3G
Early 2000s: 3G network with more data, video calling and mobile internet (e.g. CDMA2000).

Fourth generation – 4G LTE
2010s: 4G LTE able to support high-definition mobile TV, video conferencing and much more.

What are the advantages HOW 5G will play an important role in changing future?

5G is used across three main types of connected services:–

Mobile broadband
In addition to making our smartphones better, 5G mobile will use VR and AR technology with lower latency, lower cost and more uniform data rates .

Mission-critical communications
5G will use new services that can upgrade industries with medical procedures, vehicles,ultra-reliabl and low-latency links like remote control of critical infrastructure .

5G will connect a massive number of embedded sensors in virtually everything through the power, mobility—providing extremely lean and low-cost connectivity solutions and ability to scale down in data rates.

How will 5G affect the global economy?

• It contribute in global economic output :- $13.2 Trillion dollars
• It create a new jobs:-22.3 Million
• It contribute in GDP growth:-$2.1 Trillion dollars

Is 5G available Right Now If yes in which country?

yes, 5G is available across more than 20 countries, 5G is expected to available across all the countries as well as in India by 2022.

According to the report of April 2020 5G is available in these these countries….
Czech Republic
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America
Virgin Islands, U.S.

Frequently asked questions

Q1) Will 5g be dangerous?

Ans: The radio waves frequencies between 0 and 300 gigahertz have not any effect on health and 5G is not expected to go above that Frequency.

Q2)What will 5g do?

Ans: 5G can change our life completely, like faster download speeds, low latency, and more capacity and connectivity for billions of devices.

Q3) Who invented 5g?

Ans: China. China has launched its 5G national network.

Q4) When 5G will come in India?

Ans: Most probably at the end of 2021 or in 2022.

Q5) Who owns 5g patent?

Ans: Patents owned by ZTE.

Q6) What does 5g stand for?

Ans: Fifth-generation wireless (5G) is the latest iteration of cellular technology.

Q7) Do I need a new phone if I want to use 5G?

Ans: yes,you need 5g phones

Q8) What is the frequency of 5G technology?

Ans: The radio waves frequencies is between 0 and 300 gigahertz.

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